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Selected Publications


Effects of Chronic Sleep Restriction on Transcriptional Sirtuin 1 Signaling Regulation in Male Mice White Adipose Tissue​.

Rendine M, Cocci P, de Vivo L, Bellesi M, Palermo FA.

Curr Issues Mol Biol. 2024 Mar 7;46(3):2144-2154. Pubmed »

Auditory stimulation during REM sleep modulates REM electrophysiology and cognitive performance.

Navarrete M, Greco V, Rakowska M, Bellesi M, Lewis PA.

Commun Biol. 2024 Feb 16;7(1):193. Pubmed »


Sleep loss impairs myelin function by altering cholesterol metabolism in oligodendroglia.

Reyila Simayi, Eleonora Ficiarà, Oluwatomisin Faniyan, Antonio Cerdán Cerdá, Amina Aboufares El Alaoui, Rosamaria Fiorini, Adele Cutignano, Fabiana Piscitelli, Pablo Andújar, Alexandra Santos, Federico Del Gallo, Luisa de Vivo, Silvia De Santis, Michele Bellesi.

BioRxiv, 7 Nov 2023. Link »

Adolescent chronic sleep restriction promotes alcohol drinking in adulthood: evidence from epidemiological and preclinical data​.

Oluwatomisin O. Faniyan, Daniele Marcotulli, Reyila Simayi, Federico Del Gallo, Sara De Carlo, Eleonora Ficiarà, Doretta Caramaschi, Rebecca Richmond, Daniela Franchini, Michele Bellesi, Roberto Ciccocioppo, Luisa de Vivo.

BioRxiv, 15 Oct 2023. Link »

DREAM: A Dream EEG and Mentation database. Wong W, Andrade KC, Andrillon T, de Araujo DB, Arnulf I, Avvenuti G, Baird B, Bellesi M, Bergamo D, Bernardi G, Blagrove M, De Gennaro L, Decat N, Demirel Ç, Dresler M, Eichenlaub JB, Elce V, Gott J, Bjørn EJ, Konkoly KR, LaRocque JJ, Lacaux C, Lenggenhager B, Mota-Rolim SA, Mallett R, Noreika V, Oudiette D, Palhano-Fontes F, Paller KA, Perogamvros L, Revonsuo A, Scarpelli S, Nilsen AS, Siclari F, Sikka P, Storm JF, Valli K, Wamsley EJ, Windt JM, Zhang J, van Rijn E, Tsuchiya N. 

PsyArXiv, 16 May 2023. Link »

Probiotics supplementation attenuates inflammation and oxidative stress induced by chronic sleep restriction.

Zheng Y, Zhang L, Bonfili L, de Vivo L, Eleuteri AM, Bellesi M.
Nutrients. 2023 15(6), 1518. 
Pubmed »

Increased interaction between endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria following sleep deprivation.

Aboufares El Alaoui A, Buhl E, Galizia S, Hodge JJL, de Vivo L and Bellesi M.

BMC Biology. 2023 Jan 4;21(1):1. Pubmed »


Ultrastructural effects of sleep and wake on the parallel fiber synapses of the cerebellum.

Loschky SS, Spano GM, Marshall W, Schroeder A, Nemec KM, Schiereck SS, de Vivo L, Bellesi M, Banningh SW, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

eLife. 2022 Dec 28;11:e84199. Pubmed »

Adolescent sleep and the foundations of prefrontal cortical development and dysfunction.

Anastasiades PG, de Vivo L, Bellesi M, Jones MW.

Prog Neurobiol. 2022 Nov;218:102338 Pubmed » 



Effects of Severe Sleep Disruption on the Synaptic Ultrastructure of Young Mice

Nagai H, de Vivo L, Marshall W, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

eNeuro 2021 Jul 16;8(4) Pubmed » 

Role of corpus callosum in sleep spindle synchronization and coupling with slow waves

Bernardi G, Avvenuti G, Cataldi J, Lattanzi S, Ricciardi E, Polonara G, Silvestrini M, Siclari F, Fabri M, Bellesi M

Brain Communications 2021 May 25;3(2):fcab108. Pubmed » 

Characterization of subcellular organelles in perisynaptic cortical astrocytes

Aboufares El Alaoui A, Jackson M, Fabri M, de Vivo L and Bellesi M

Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 2021 Jan 28;14:573944. Pubmed »

Sleep quality relates to emotional reactivity via intra-cortical myelination

Toschi N, Passamonti L, Bellesi M

Sleep 2021 Jan 21;44(1). Pubmed »


Integrity of corpus callosum is essential for the cross-hemispheric propagation of sleep slow waves:

a high-density EEG study in split-brain patients

Avvenuti G, Handjaras G, Betta M, Cataldi J, Imperatori L, Lattanzi S, Riedner B, Pietrini P, Ricciardi E, Tononi G, Siclari F, Polonara G, Fabri M, Silvestrini M, Bellesi M & Bernardi G.

Journal of Neuroscience 2020 Jun 15. Pubmed »

Structural synaptic plasticity across sleep and wake. 

Bellesi M, de Vivo L. 

Current Opinion in Physiology Vol 15, June 2020, Pages 74-81 Link »

Editorial: Local Aspects of Sleep and Wakefulness.

Bernardi G, Siclari F, Bellesi M.

Frontiers in Neuroscience. 2020 Feb 7;14:58. Pubmed »




The role of sleep and wakefulness in myelin plasticity.

de Vivo L, Bellesi M.

Glia. 2019 Nov;67(11):2142-2152. Pubmed »

Evidence for sleep-dependent synaptic renormalization in mouse pups.

de Vivo L, Nagai H, De Wispelaere N, Spano GM, Marshall W, Bellesi M, Nemec KM, Schiereck SS, Nagai M, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

Sleep. 2019 Oct 21;42(11). Pubmed »

The Effects of Sleep Loss on Brain Functioning.

Bellesi M.

In book: Handbook of Sleep Research. Publisher: Elsevier. Researchgate »

A new avenue for treating neuronal diseases: Ceftriaxone, an old antibiotic demonstrating behavioral neuronal effects.

Tai CH, Bellesi M, Chen AC, Lin CL, Li HH, Lin PJ, Liao WC, Hung CS, Schwarting RK, Ho YJ.

Behavioral Brain Research. 2019 May 17;364:149-156.  Pubmed »


Sleep and Wake Affect Glycogen Content and Turnover at Perisynaptic Astrocytic Processes.

Bellesi M, de Vivo L, Koebe S, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience. 2018 Sep 11;12:308. Pubmed »

Myelin modifications after chronic sleep loss in adolescent mice.

Bellesi M, Haswell JD, de Vivo L, Marshall W, Roseboom PH, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

Sleep. 2018 May 1;41(5). Pubmed »


Sleep Loss Promotes Astrocytic Phagocytosis and Microglial Activation in Mouse Cerebral Cortex.

Bellesi M, de Vivo L, Chini M, Gilli F, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

Journal of Neuroscience. 2017 May 24;37(21):5263-5273. Pubmed »

Ultrastructural evidence for synaptic scaling across the wake/sleep cycle.

de Vivo L, Bellesi M, Marshall W, Bushong EA, Ellisman MH, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

Science. 2017 Feb 3;355(6324):507-510. Pubmed »


Contribution of sleep to the repair of neuronal DNA double-strand breaks: evidence from flies and mice.

Bellesi M, Bushey D, Chini M, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

Scientific Reports. 2016 Nov 10;6:36804. Pubmed »

Loss of Sleep Affects the Ultrastructure of Pyramidal Neurons in the Adolescent Mouse Frontal Cortex.

de Vivo L, Nelson AB, Bellesi M, Noguti J, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

Sleep. 2016 Apr 1;39(4):861-74. Pubmed »

Region-Specific Dissociation between Cortical Noradrenaline Levels and the Sleep/Wake Cycle.

Bellesi M, Tononi G, Cirelli C, Serra PA.

Sleep. 2016 Jan 1;39(1):143-54. Pubmed »


Transcriptome profiling of sleeping, waking, and sleep deprived adult heterozygous Aldh1L1 - eGFP-L10a mice.

Bellesi M, de Vivo L, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

Genomic Data. 2015 Dec;6:114-117. Pubmed »


Effects of sleep and wake on astrocytes: clues from molecular and ultrastructural studies.

Bellesi M, de Vivo L, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

BMC Biology. 2015 Aug 25;13:66. Pubmed »

Sleep and oligodendrocyte functions.

Bellesi M.

Current Sleep Medicine Reports. 2015 Mar 1;1(1):20-26. Pubmed »




Enhancement of sleep slow waves: underlying mechanisms and practical consequences.

Bellesi M, Riedner BA, Garcia-Molina GN, Cirelli C, Tononi G.

Frontiers in System Neuroscience. 2014 Oct 28;8:208. Pubmed »

Developmental patterns of sleep slow wave activity and synaptic density in adolescent mice.

de Vivo L, Faraguna U, Nelson AB, Pfister-Genskow M, Klapperich ME, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

Sleep. 2014 Apr 1;37(4):689-700, 700A-700B. Pubmed »


Effects of sleep and wake on oligodendrocytes and their precursors.

Bellesi M, Pfister-Genskow M, Maret S, Keles S, Tononi G, Cirelli C.

Journal of Neuroscience. 2013 Sep 4;33(36):14288-300. Pubmed »

Extracellular matrix inhibits structural and functional plasticity of dendritic spines in the adult visual cortex.

de Vivo L, Landi S, Panniello M, Baroncelli L, Chierzi S, Mariotti L, Spolidoro M, Pizzorusso T, Maffei L, Ratto GM.

Nature Communications. 2013;4:1484. Pubmed »


Synaptic plasticity modulates autonomous transitions between waking and sleep states: insights from a Morris-Lecar model.

Ciszak M, Bellesi M.

Chaos. 2011 Dec;21(4):043119. Pubmed

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